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X431 V 8inch works: 2017 Ford F-650 F-750 diagnose, programming & special function

X431 V 8inch tablet works on 2017 Ford especially the F-650 and F-750 which basically no tools to cover even VCM can’t do well. It performs diagnosing, module programming and special functions.

As you can see X431 V newest Ford V46.42 can test different Ford models up to 2017. It currently includes PCM, ABS, 4WAL, RCM,EATC, ECS, IABM, RAP, PAM, 4X4, 4WAS, CTM, OTC, ICM, PATS, ARC, LCM, DDM…

x431 v 8inch ford-01

Works ok:

Automatically Search

Manually Select

Manually Reset Service

F-650 / F-750 Test Specification (VCM can’t or not well)

x431 v 8inch ford-02

Automatically Search working list:

System Scan

System Selection

Special function

Module Programming

Vehicle information

x431 v 8inch ford automatically search-03

Module Programming works:

ACM (Audio Control Module)

CDP (Compact Disc Player)

x431 v 8inch ford module Programming-04


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