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X431 V 8″ tablet review on Mercedes special functions, programming & scan

Spent $799 on an original X431 V 8″ tablet and today use it to work on Mercedes Benz, following are test reports.

Click Mercedes V48.50 > Automatically Search >

Working list:

Brake pad reset

ABS bleeding

Electronic throttle sensor reset

Tire pressure sensor reset

Regeneration of diesel particulate filter

x431 v mercedes revierw-01

Click Mercedes V48.50 > Manually Search > 245-B class (Up…1 units > Drive > ECM – Engine Control Module (ME-SFI)

Learning processes

Correction programming

x431 v mercedes revierw-02

PS: X431 V 8″ tablet needs to register user member and active the connector, any question you may came across, operate by following the supplier’s instruction:

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