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Which better Launch X431 V 8inch compares Autocom Delphi Ds150e Clone?

Both the Launch X431 V 8inch Lenovo tablet and Autocom / Delphi Ds150e Clone are universal professional diagnostic tool best for workshop. As the name suggest, X431 V 8inch is tablet-based with screen without installing driver, Autocom / Delphi Ds150e as known is windows-based with normal function and lots of special function not working, X431 V 8inch covers many special function. For more comparison content, go on reading.

There are 7 points of differences between Launch X431 V 8inch compares Autocom Delphi Ds150e:

  • About client

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e clone is windows-based and need to install driver.

Launch X431 V 8″ is working with Android tablet and` phone, it does not run with computer and setup driver and program.

2) About function and Special function:

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone: with normal function, A LOT OF SPECIAL function DOES NOT EXIST OR DOES NOT WORK.

Launch X431 V 8″ works with almost 100 car brands and perform full car system diagnosis include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read data stream.

X431 V 8 inch includes more special functions incl. Oil Reset Service, Steering Angle Calibration, Electronic Parking Brake Reset, Battery Register / Battery Maintenance, ABS Bleeding, Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration, Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset, specifically, BMW idle study, BMW injection rate adjustment, BMW battery replacement, Nissan matching key, Renault – airbags coding ON/OFF, like on Clip tool.

Programming: some models support online programming.

  • About database version

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone: there is no new version than 2014.03V.

Launch X431 V: with 2016 database and 2017 database i.e Ford and Mazda incl. Escape, MKC, Fusion, MKZ, Expedition, Navigator, Transit Connect, Explorer, Transit Connect, Super Duty, F150 etc.

3) About Asian and European vehicle coverage:

X431 V is much better in model coverage for old Asia (10+ years, basically Autocom/Delphi will never support this models good + Asia adapters was never developed) and sometime better functions for new Asia (younger than 10 years, this models are included in AC/D). About European brands are both tools perfect.

and Australian, Indian, Malaysian cars OK incl. Aust Ford, Maserati, TATA, Proton Lancia, Maruti etc compare Launch X431 V 7inch.

3) About after-sale tech support:

Launch X431 V 8″: ┬áTap the “Remote Diagnosis” option and through CC number to get problem fixed with the help of Launch engineer, no need TV.

Autocom/Delphi: use Team viewer (TV) to get remote assistance by supplier.

4) About Update:

Launch X431 V 8″ update free two years and upgrade every one month.

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone seldom update, the newest version is 2014.03V, and no upgrade for long time.

5) About language:

Launch X431 V 8″ language available: English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korea, Arabic, Spanish, Italy, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish and Czech.

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone language available: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dansk, German, Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.

6) About Legal:

Launch X431 V 8 inch is original and legal.

Autocom/Delphi Ds150e Clone is cracked.

7) Running speed:

For the running speed, it depends on the operating computer, but some users feedback, they have original launch and original Delphi ds150, Launch is much faster than Delphi.

In conclusion:

It all depends what do you need and do you really have to have it software + interface genuine, if yes then I recommend Delphi if you are new to diagnostic world, but if you need original interface and to buy license for launch separately then I would choose launch, because it will cost you a lot cheaper.

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