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Launch X431 Super 16 Universal 16pin Adapter for X431 Scanner


Launch Super-16 Diagnostic Connector can replace all 16pin adapters in x-431 scanner, so you don’t have to choose different kinds of adapters in the Launch x431 scanner boxes. Launch  Super 16 Connector Features: Built-in high speed, low speed double, single line CAN-BUS OBD II diagnostic connector compatible with all models, easy to operate.   Launch X-431 […]

Launch X431 Creader VIII vs X-431 CRP129

Original Launch X431 Creader VIII is a new update replacement for CRP129 in functions. Functions & Systems: Launch Creader8 can reset brake block, correct steering angle sensor,engine oil light reset and so on. Launch CRP129 works with live data for Engine, Transmission, ABS (Anti-lock Brakes) and SRS (Safety Restraint) systems. Special functions: Launch CRP129 Special function: Engine […]

How to register Launch X431 V X-431 Pro Full System Diagnostic Scanner

Launch X431 V better replace of X431 IV , X431 Diagun 3 and X431 PRO, is available for some 12V diesel car. X-431 V supports wifi/Bluetooth and can be update online. Launch X-431 V (Pro) supports up to 69 car brands and whole system of cars , and also allows to print out data via Launch wifi printer. How to register Launch X-431 V  (X431 […]

Launch CRP Touch Pro Powerful Garage OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

With 5.0 inch high resolution screen , Launch CRP Touch Pro is Android4.2-based diagnostic platform support all vehicles and full system diagnosis. Launch CRP Touch Pro support languages: English, Spanish and French. Apart from reading and clearing codes, live data and graphing, Launch CRP Touch Pro additionally includes reset services for electronic parking brake (EPB), ABS […]

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