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Launch X431 Super 16 Universal 16pin Adapter for X431 Scanner

Launch Super-16 Diagnostic Connector can replace all 16pin adapters in x-431 scanner, so you don’t have to choose different kinds of adapters in the Launch x431 scanner boxes.

Launch  Super 16 Connector Features:

Built-in high speed, low speed double, single line CAN-BUS
OBD II diagnostic connector compatible with all models, easy to operate.



Launch X-431 includes a lot of 16-pin OBD II-style plugs, OBD II 16C and CAN 2.

It takes you time to choose the adapters when the tool tells you which ones, and you need plug it to the car and to the tool then to find out if it is the right one. With the New Launch Super 16 Adapter, you can avoid all this, because it covers the functions of both these popular plugs.

In addition Vectra Cs and Astra Hs are specially catered for by the Super 16, resulting in much greater capability for the X-431, when interrogating these vehicles.

You can use the Super 16 with the Peugeot Citroen CAN adapter, to permit access to these vehicles from 2004-2005.


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