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Launch X431 PADII Test Real Pictures

Today the garage join one new big tool Launch X431 PADII, and I spent a morning to test it to see how deep it can access to the vehicles. After tested, I am very happy with it, I am very impressive by its nice features and what it can do.


Here real pictures on what Launch X431 PAD 2 can do:

launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-01 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-02 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-03 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-04 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-05 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-06 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-07 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-08 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-09 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-11 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-12 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-13 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-14 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-15 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-16 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-17 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-18 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-19 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-20 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-21 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-22 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-23 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-24 launch-x431-pad-ii-real-test-pic-25

Launch X431 PADII best price:



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