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Launch Golo M-Diag Lite Wholesale price, buy more save more

Launch Golo M-Diag Lite: A smart phone based OBDII diagnostic tool designed with the professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts in mind.


Launch Golo M-Diag Lite wholesale price (

1pc Golo M-Diag Lite adapter = $39.99 (Amazon $50 -$70), save $10 -$30

5pcs Golo M-Diag Lite adapter = $195

10pcs Golo M-Diag Lite adapter = $379

M-Diag Lite adapter + one software / one kind special function for all makes

1pc $59.99 (Amazon $75 -$90), save $15 -$30

5pcs $279

  • Lots Special functions available:

Oil Reset

Brake Reset

ABS Bleeding

DPF Regeneration

Gear Relearn

Injector Reset

SAS Reset

Battery Reset

Throttle Relearn

TPMS Reset

Plip Programming



The special functions and the corresponding car brands / year, all here:

  • Widest car line software coverage

Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and manufacturer proprietary protocols of over 70 car makes and 2,500 models;

Here all specific car brand software price list:

Why buy Launch Golo M-Diag Lite from

  1. Original with online update on (same as Amazon)
  2. Cheaper price, save more
  3. Good after-sale service, instant and helpful technical service.

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How to use Launch Golo M-Diag Lite?

Plug and play through Bluetooth connection with smart phone.

User manual:


Launch Golo M-Diag Lite diagnostic functions:

I/M Monitor Check

I/M Readiness monitors self-test the car’s emission-related systems. Read these self-test monitoring test results to make sure your car is ready for inspection;

To pass an OBD II plug-in emissions inspection test, all of the OBD monitors must have run and successfully completed with no faults found. This tells the emissions test computer that your vehicle is performing within emissions limits for your year, make and model, and that your vehicle is in compliance with the applicable emissions laws, and that your vehicle is not polluting.

Read and Clear DTC’s

Read diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s), clear the codes and the check engine light (MIL). Upon malfunction, get access to the Freeze Frame snapshot of the sensor data. M-Diag supports the diagnosis for generic and manufacturer specific trouble codes of over 70 car makes and 2,500 models.

Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s

PID’s are the serial data that can be accessed from the vehicle computer using M-Diag. PID’s provide valuable diagnostic information when checking the operation or status of various sensors, circuits and switches in the vehicle’s engine management system;

M-Diag can also convert the PID values to waveforms. Comparing the waveforms of several related sensors can help you find faults that might otherwise be impossible to detect.

Full System Scan

In addition to the generic OBD and the four basic systems: Engine, Transmission, ABS, and SRS. M-Diag, which supports OEM-specific coverage for dozens of vehicle systems, quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle .

Actuation Tests

By performing the actuation tests, you can remotely test control the vehicle actuator’s including the doors, windows, horns, and lights, etc. to check whether the systems are working properly. The control systems supported by M-Diag will vary from different car makes and models.





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