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Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus user quick start for Android

Bought one Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus with two free car software, especially for the beginners, they may have this question or that question on how to use EasyDiag.

Just follow this user guide to operate, you will get all things done well and enjoy EasyDiag 2.0 Plus’s good performance.


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This manual is applied to EasyDiag for Android.

For a new product, users can refer to the following procedures when initial use.


»»1.Software download and install

EasyDiag app is free to download

Step 1: Turn on your intelligent terminal and link network well.

Step 2: Go into software store



Please go into Google Play ( or other software store, input keyword “Easy Diag” in the search bar, click Easy Diag software client to download and install.


»»2. Register and Login

Before using, you should have a CC number. If you have already registered CC, input your CC number and password to login.



If not, click “Register” to register a new CC.

If a new connector wants to be registered, you can select “register connector after register CC” to jump to connector register interface directly after input personal information.

When registration is successful, a confirmation email will be sent to your E-mail.

After login, all of the functions except diagnosis can be operated normally.

If you want to diagnose vehicle by the new connector, please keep reading the following text.


»»3. Product registration

For a new connector, registration should be done before diagnosing.

Press Management/ EasyDiag Register, enter the product SN and code on the registration interface.



The product SN and code are available in the password envelope.



»»4. Diagnostic software download

Before diagnosing, please complete software acquisition

The icon means the diagnostic software has not been downloaded, if you want to diagnose this car, please click it to acquire the diagnostic software.

Take “HONDA” as an example

First, click user management, select a product SN



Then select a vehicle brand icon which you want.



If only this software to be purchased, click “Add to shopping cart”.

If you also want to add other software into the cart, close this page and select


Click “software package”, you can purchase in software package form, but please note that the software mixed in package are fixed, can not be freely


When selection has completed, the following operation is payment.

Press “create order”.



When order is created, click the order .



Select payment type.



You can select pay with PayPal or on the website.

After made payment, please move back to EasyDiag app. And click the diagnosis software icon which have already paid to download diagnostic software.

More details about payment, please refer to user’s manual.



»»5.Connected to vehicle

Find out the vehicle’s DLC socket, plug connector into DLC socket and the

connector power indicator will light up.

Vehicle’s DLC socket is generally located under the dashboard, in the fuse-box under the dashboard, near the shift lever, etc, for the detail position, please

refer to corresponding vehicle’s repair manual.

NOTE: Please turn off the ignition switch before connecting.


»»6. Start to diagnose

Click the vehicle brand icon which you want, system will pop-up Bluetooth pair




Select connector Bluetooth name( product SN: 96679xxxxxxx) to pair.

When Bluetooth connection is successful, select the desired brand icon again



Select software version, the software version will be arranged from top to bottom according to the updated time.

After selection, diagnosis begins with a sound “di…” .


NOTE: if you want to change connector to diagnose, please end

EasyDiag app before reconnecting Bluetooth.

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