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LAUNCH CRP129 review – by small repair shop technician

I have one small auto repair shop and my normal customers would like to drive their car to my shop to do DTC troubleshooting and do some reset things. I was looking for such a cheap and working tool. Then luckily I have Launch CRP129, it can meet all my requirements. I write my objective review on its performance and how it performed. Hope it helps.

Paid $229 free shipping on Launch CRP129, shipping took 3 working days to America.

Launch CRP129 tablet is compact and easy to take, the buttons are designed using fiber so comfortable to touch and rugged. It has 3.5” touch screen and clear to view.

Hook it up to the vehicle, CRP129 device was quick to get going from the initial power up and it was also quick to operate. The response in moving through the menus and executing tasks was immediate. Downloading and running updates (which is partly down to internet connection speed) was reasonable.

CRP129 tablet is limited to cover all system, it only access to the basic 4 systems (ABS, ECU, Airbag and Transmission), however it supports 40 car models ( from USA, European and Asia)– it has a improvement comparing CRP123. Besides, I prefer CRP129 tablet to CRP123 because it can perform basic diagnostic function and also some reset maintenance functions incl. reset service maintenance lights, steering angle resets and release electronic parking brake. That fits my daily repair work.


cr129 brake oil reset

Attach here CRP129 tablet Data Stream Graphic Display, I like it, very clear display.
CRP_129 datastream

CRP129 tablet meet my requirement to print out the diagnostic results. I and my customers can check it anywhere anytime when I use it, it is very good.

The last point I want to mention is it is available with also French and Spanish, so anyone whose mother language is French or Spanish, CRP129 tablet can’t be much better to fit you.

In a word:
I tested not all car brands it claims it can work; my overall impression to CRP129 is it really works great as it described.

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