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Launch CRP Touch Pro Feedback what can and cannot do?

Launch CRP Touch Pro nice features are more than I can list here, but I think I will try my best to include all the objective feedback on Launch CRP Touch Pro, and I think it is very necessary and very important for those who are interested in Launch CRP Touch Pro.


Here we go!

  1. good tool for the DIY home mechanic. It will clear abs, airbag, and CEL.
  2. Crp touch pro works great, shows code definition and turns off check engine light
  3. work on my 03 Silverado, it works lots of. 100% recommended
  4. Good tool for professionals, It has excellent make and model coverage and is very user friendly.
  5. high quality, easy software upgrade.
  1. Nice tool, very easy to use, and so convenient to register , you do not have to activate it.
    Diagnosed my car 2008 e90 bmw 328i well and tested the ABS and SRS, as well as the brake system.I am so glad that my ca is still fine. I also bought a BMW adaptor, this connector fit my car well.
    No problems of using it. A nice try. Give it A++++
  1. Can operate electronic calipers in the rear.


  1. Launch CRP Touch Pro diagnose Ford Focus 2002 Successfully, read review and procedure here:

What I want to mention as below:

Launch CRP Touch Pro has a nice carrying case which protect the machine from damaged. I have several pieces of similar code readers which has poor

ability and I have to hold computer with me. The pretty good is the instruction manual with much more details, and includes quick start. Also the diagnostic cable and power adapter.

All of these are contained in this nice case.


After turn on the CRP Touch Pro, you can hear the sound, it has microphone, it is very enjoyable, something like using an iPad, iPhone.


 CRP Touch Pro is multi-functional, designed user-friendly.


the touch screen is very incredible quick responsive to move

launch-crp-touch-pro-has microphone-02

Allows user to read vehicle info by automatically search and manually select, automatically search is quick than manually search, if it fails to reads vehicle info by automatically search, you have to manually select.

I have to mention the option “read data stream”, we do have hundreds of parameters available. Very important feature here is graphing, all the graphing display in the same page. Here you could click the graph to see clearly, it is kind of nice.

If you can’t understand the meaning, you could click the lower button to check it.

launch-crp-touch-pro-read-data-stream-04 launch-crp-touch-pro-read-data-stream-05 launch-crp-touch-pro-read-data-stream-06


And how to use Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro 5.0″? (Review):


  1. Launch CRP Touch Probest price: seems like a good support site. shipping very quick and accurate tracking. And the CRP Touch Pro price for $500 to San Jose, California, US.


Launch CRP Touch Pro What cannot do?

Launch CRP Touch Pro scanner wont cycle the abs module for brake bleeding purpose. It scans the abs and tell you if a sensor has failed or the module ; you don’t have to guess which sensor went bad ; it lets you know each sensor separated right front left or right or rear right ir left.


To be continued…

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