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Launch CReader 4001 OBDII EOBD reader Review – Fast & Small

Paid one Launch CReader 4001 DIY OBDII EOBD code reader to reset Chevrolet car check engine light on, it really does what I paid for, it successfully diagnose (Read erase codes, read datastream, etc). I love it also because it is really pretty fast and small possible for my hand.


Launch CReader 4001 Test reports:

Read codes…confirmed

Erase codes…confirmed

I/M readiness…confirmed

Data stream (View all items, select items, view graphic


On –board monitoring…

Vehicle information…not supported


Pictures speak louder than words:

PS: really fast and

Launch-CReader-4001-01 Launch-CReader-4001-02 Launch-CReader-4001-03 Launch-CReader-4001-04 Launch-CReader-4001-05 Launch-CReader-4001-06 Launch-CReader-4001-07 Launch-CReader-4001-08 Launch-CReader-4001-09 Launch-CReader-4001-10 Launch-CReader-4001-11 Launch-CReader-4001-12 Launch-CReader-4001-13 Launch-CReader-4001-14 Launch-CReader-4001-15 Launch-CReader-4001-16 Launch-CReader-4001-17 Launch-CReader-4001-18 Launch-CReader-4001-19 Launch-CReader-4001-20 Launch-CReader-4001-21 Launch-CReader-4001-22 Launch-CReader-4001-23 Launch-CReader-4001-24 Launch-CReader-4001-25 Launch-CReader-4001-26

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