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How to Setup EasyDiag 2.0 Plus and Diagnose Benz with Iphone ?

Original Launch X431 EasyDiag OBD2 diagnostic tool is packed with no software but order any software you want in the official Launch DBSCAR site. Launch EasyDiag built in not USB cable but plug into the vehicle OBD port and communicate with Android IOS device via Bluetooth. Launch EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS is very easy to setup in the Android & IOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad).


The following display how to setup EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS on Iphone for diagnosing Benz.

Part 1: Install APP for easydiag.

Click “App Store”, search “easydiag”

Enter “Diagnose” menu.


Click Login, for the first time you use, you need to register, to register the serial number and verification code are shown in the envelope as follows.


Download completed. Now you can use the EOBD diagnosis software.

Overview Launch Easydiag vehicle coverage including: North America models, European car models

Select two car models to download: Benz and Euro Ford.

Software select.

Software download.

Part2: plug DBscar to diagnose Benz

Back to select Benz

Plug the bdscar adapter to the OBD port of Benz.

Diagnose benz

You can see we have SRS

Use Launch Easydiag to diagnose SRS

Select Benz, and get message “Bluetooth is not connected, please connect Bluetooth”

Make sure Bluetooth turn on, give some seconds until the Bluetooth is connected.

Click “Benz”, Checking SmartBox.

Select vehicle manually

Select 211-E Class (As of 06/2006), then Sedan, then Diesel engine, then “Right-hand steering”, then “E320 CDi”, then “Control units”, then select any of system including (Drive, Chassis, Body, Information and communication, Seats and doors, Air conditioning, here I select “Body”,then “AB-Airbag” and click “Ok” when you get message reading “Please select “OBDSCar” Connector! then click “Ok” when it prompts Switch on ignition.


Then click “Clear DTCs”, you see Launch Easydiag can perform function: Read DTC,

Clear fault memory and read Data Stream. You read out trouble code with definition.

Clear fault memory, switch off ignition.

Launch Easydiag can read Current DTC/ Pending DTC as well as read current DTC with permanent Status.

Click “read Current DTC (Mode $03)” and get P0030 (HO2S Heater Control Circuit Bank 1 Sensor), so we need to go ahead to change sensor.

Click “Creat Word Report” at the left buttom corner. And go to menu and select “My Report”

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