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How to install Launch EasyDiag EOBD 22.51

Thread: EasyDiag 22.51 installation problem


I bought the Launch EasyDiag yellow head device. I installed tablete easydiag. I made the registration process. I downloaded eobd 22.51. Eobd license.dat file distributed to all tools. I installed the xpro3 apk file. I moved the EasyDiag 9685xxx folder to the DiagBox folder. Installation is over.
Result: error: product serial number and software serial number are not the same.


Solution… here you go

Once you have license .dat delete, everything that is inside the folder cnlaunch, and then you follow these instructions, INSTRUCTIONS I HAVE COPIED FROM ANOTHER POST IN THE COMMUNITY clarified that I’m just passing on what I’ve read here:

Install instructions:
Install Easydiag from Google Store.
Run software, create an account and register your interface.
Click on EOBD icon to install free EOBD software.
Now go to menu / update, click on the arrow by EOBD, select version 22.37 and download it.
Open cnlaunch \ EasyDiag \ 96859XXXXXXX \ DIAGNOSTIC \ VEHICLES \ EOBD2 \ V22.37 folder and find LICENSE.DAT
Save this file for later.
Uninstal Easydiag and delete all folders inside cnlaunch folder.
Extract files from downloaded X431PRO_Android.RAR and copy them into cnlaunch folder in your device.
Now you have this folders: cnlaunch \ 96859XXXXXXX \ DIAGNOSTIC \ VEHICLES3 \ EUROPE
Rename 96859XXXXXXX folder with serial number of your interface.
Inside cnlaunch folder is X-431_Pro3v3.06.011v3.apk
Run installation.
Now find your LICENSE.DAT file (you saved it before, right?) And copy into all manufacturers folders.
For example in: cnlaunch \ 96859XXXXXXX \ DIAGNOSTIC \ VEHICLES3 \ EUROPE \ OPEL \ V41.50
That is all.

Every thime you add new folder / brand must go to apps / X-431 PRO3 and clear cache and data.

Tested with yellow EasyDiag 2.0 interface and android 6.0.1


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