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Only $30! Launch CReader 419 CR419 OBDII / EOBD DIY Scanner Review

Being a newbie to the car diagnostic world, I spent $30 on one Launch CReader 419 OBDII/EOBD DIY Scanner. I received it within 10 days after I paid, it can’t be smaller and lighter, I could hold on it in my hand. I am very impressive with its running speed, it’s fast and smart.


CReader 419 CR419 Language: English, French and Spanish.

x431 cr419 language

CReader 419 CR419 hardware version, software version. x431 cr419 version

CReader 419 does what I paid for:

  • Read DTCs …OK
  • Clear DTCs …OK
  • Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) …OK
  • Read dynamic data streams …OK
  • Read readiness status …OK
  • Read freeze frame data …OK
  • Read pending DTCs …OK
  • Read permanent DTCs …OK
  • Read vehicle information …OK

.Color and graphical display of data streams …OK

.Query DTCs …OK

For the operation pictures, I will upload later.


CReader 419 Cons:

CReader 419 is made by Launch, so it is supposed to update on Launch official site, someone said the update is useless to DIY scanner.

I use it for only 2 weeks, if any update, I will write down later.


In conclusion:

I am very happy with Launch CReader 419, and meanwhile I highly recommend it if you are planning to own one handheld scanner for home use / personal use/ DIY user etc, because it is very cheap and does what I paid for.

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