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DIY Proton diagnosis & do special function- Launch Golo M-diag Lite recommend

Have Proton vehicle to diagnose and do many special functions, a must tool is Launch Golo M-diag Lite, since there are little tool work on Proton vehicle.

Following are Golo M-diag Lite test report on Proton vehicle:

Paid $59.99 incl. shipping on one M-diag Lite adapter + Proton vehicle software:


Scan the QR code and download M-diag APK on Huawei P9 Android system, register user name and active the device. Click “Vehicle Diagnosis”, I could find the “Proton” I ordered and click “More” I can find about 56 vehicles.

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Golo M-diag Lite Proton software can test all ECUs on Proton models, including: engine, automatic transimission, anti-brake system, airbag, immobilizer, body, electronic power steering, LIN, and instrument cluster, etc. system.





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